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What is ContainerShip?

A quick introduction to ContainerShip

ContainerShip allows you to launch PaaS like hosting environments on-demand, and provides a pipeline for doing continuous deployment.

Teams and individuals get a single pane of glass to manage their entire application and infrastructure lifecycle, while running in any cloud or private data center.

Configure your infrastructure blueprints using your own Docker images combined with official 1-click integrations and stacks from our Integration Marketplace, then deploy them to any public/private cloud provider or dedicated server. The easy to use UI, API, and CLI lets every member of your team get involved in the Ops side of DevOps much more easily.

ContainerShip is different from other hosted infrastructure management systems.

  • You don't need to become a distributed systems expert to install, manage or debug issues.
  • You'll never get locked in to any provider again, including us. You can launch your services using ContainerShip Cloud then decide to detach your server clusters from Cloud at any time, and manage them yourself using our Open Source core platform.